This is the hottest game in China and it’s made by Oreo

“Are you the best Oreo player?”

In Oreo’s latest campaign activation in China market, the brand applied AI/AR technology in partnership with Alibaba Alipay, and launched a 3D interactive Oreo-themed Super-Mario-look-alike game where the player needs to log in by identifying an Oreo with the phone camera and “twisting” it in the AR scenario.

No alt text provided for this image
Oreo x Alipay AI/AR Game Interface

Social media-wise, on Weibo, 3 Generation Z’s favourite celebrities introduced the game; on Douyin, an #oreoplayer challenge together with KOL’s creative short video contents have generated more than 50 million engagement. The player with the best creative way of having an oreo will get a 24k gold oreo as reward.

Three celebrities popular among Generation Z introduced the game on Weibo. (Paid social contents)
Three celebrities popular among Generation Z introduced the game on Weibo. (Paid social contents)
#Oreoplayer Douyin challege page
Oreoplayer Douyin challege page

Oreo has had many in-depth collaborations with Alibaba on creative marketing activations with a touch of technology that attract Genration Z audience. On Double 11 last year, it launched the special-edition Oreo Music Box 2.0, a cardboard-box record player that changes its tune each time somebody takes a bite out of the “record”— an Oreo cookie that sits on top of the player. The 20,000 limited-edition music boxes on offer sold out in 12 hours.

Double 11 special-edition Oreo Music Box 2.0
Double 11 special-edition Oreo Music Box 2.0

According to Kantar’s Global Centennials Report, Generation Z are tech-independent and social savvy. Although social influence has a big impact on their buying decision, plain digital marketing can’t impress them much any more. Paving the way of the next level marketing activationis with all means, Oreo has become one of the best players in the game of getting audience of Generation Z in China market. Meanwhile, such innovative, engaging all-around campaign also works as a marketing stunt that has a long-lasting impact on the brand’s image that goes beyond just Generation Z.

Source: Guanggaomen, Alizila, Kantar.


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