The news of Tmall 2019: the newness

Alibaba Tmall realised their first report in 2019, the 100 Best New Products of 2018.The selection wasbased on Tmall data, including sales numbers, consumer reviews, and Tmall evaluations, covering 8 categories, including ① mobile phones, ② digital products, ③ home appliances, ④ cosmetics, ⑤ shoes and apparel, ⑥ skin care, ⑦ beauty appliances, and ⑧ creative brands-collaborations.

Take a closer look at the Fashion Catagory list and here are some hightlights that tell some interesting fact of 2018 and the trend of 2019.

The Chinese fandom economy is strong

FILA x Wangyuan (18 years old Chinese singer and actor) limited edition (sneakers) was on the list of fashion (shoes & apparel) category. Yuan is a member of the popular Chinese singing group TF Boys and is the brand ambassador of H&M, L’Oreal Paris, Chopard, KFC, etc.;

FILA x Wangyuan Limited Editonal sneakers @FILA

The New Made in China (guohuo,国货)

Chinese fashion brands i.e. Li Ning and Boshideng on the list havefound an effective way to regain the Chinese audience – they applied bold designs and joined European fashion shows, and when the PR got back to the China market, the brands apeared as Chinese fashion rebels that gave the “defined-by-the-West” fashion regime an non-stereotypical refrenshing look of the modern Chinese fashion design, which encouraged the emerging young Chinese fashion lovers;

New York Fashion Week, Febuarary 2018, PEACEBIRD at Tmall China Day Event Photo credit @CBNWeekly

Creative + Concept > Content

Chinese gifting culture 2.0: it’s not just about gifting; it’s about feeling special. Cross-collaborations and limited editions are getting more and more popular among brands in China, especially during sales events like Double 11. Such PD strategy is “born with trendy hashtags”, as it can easily go viral across social media and attract young audience, i.e. Oreo Music Box on the list (launched on Tmall Super brand day, sold 20,000 items within 12 hours reportedly).

Oreo Vinyl record player. Video see here, starting from 4:35.
More about Oreo’s Creative Marekting in China, click here


Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350, Erdos x Liu Wen cashmere sweater, Daniel Wellington Roselyn Watch, Victoria’s Secrest Push up bra, FILA x Wangyuan limited edition shoes, Beling 2 Eyes Men’s Minimalist Watch, Bosideng designer winter jacket, Li Ning Paris Fashion Week shoes, Rimova x Off-White Essential suitcases, AIR JORDAN 33.


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