What Victoria’s Secret can learn from China market

“Fashion is a business of change. We must evolve and change to grow. With that in mind, we have decided to re-think the traditional Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “

According to CNBC, Les Wexner, the CEO of Victoria’s Secret, wrote in an internal memo that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will no longer be broadcast on network television.

To be current and relevant to the audience is essential for fashion brands. Here are some inspirational examples from the China market that sheds light on the directions Victoria’s Secret Show could take embracing such changes.

1. From cable TV to Social Media

Tmall launched the “See Now, Buy Now” show featuring more than 80 fashion brands during the 2018 Double 11 Shopping event. It was broadcast live on 10 platforms, including the Tmall-owned video platforms as well as  social media platforms like Weibo and Tik Tok. The live runway show had attracted over 57 million online viewership, more than tripling that of 2017.

Short Video and Live-streaming platforms in China

2. Technology is the new sexy

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The “See Now, Buy Now” show was designed with interactive components tailored for the always-online Chinese millennials, aimed to provide a sales channel for the world’s leading brands as the audience could buy the products on the show while watching it. The innovative way of participation helped attract many viewers.

3.     Everybody could be an Angel

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Li Jiaqi, better known as the “Lipstick Man,” is the superstar on Alibaba’s C2C platform Taobao for hosting his cosmetics product review live-streaming channel and became famous for an incredible record of selling over 15,000 lipsticks in five minutes. As a male cosmetics live-streamer with his honest yet humous style, Li broke the stereotypes in the industry and gained himself loyal followers as well as interested new-commers. 

Les Wexner also pointed out that the brand is focusing on developing exciting and dynamic content and a new kind of event—delivered to our customers on platforms that she’s glued to… and in ways that will push the boundaries of fashion in the global digital age.

2019, no show or great show? Changes’ already begun, and there’s more to come.


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